Skills Recognition (Competency)

Getting to the point…

The measure of success

Does this person (or organization) have the skills to carry out the task?

Do you have the skills to meet a project or bid?

The “paper” qualification might say so, but does that prove it?

Let us be clearapplied skills or the behaviours to learn new skills are the most critical elements in the world of work. Applying them safely is critical. Something an exam can never measure.

VALID-8 provides proof

Allow VALID-8 to provide clear proof to the decision makers. Being informed is being successful. VALID-8 has been proven to reduce incidents, increase productivity, widen participation and even prevent legal damages in investigations.

(Patented WIPO Listed Feature): Capture a video or audio, and when a compliance requirement is covered, tag the exact moments multiple times in one review for instant recall. Build a library of defensible proof of skills and ability linked to outcomes for instant re-call later.

Our biggest 3 clients have a turnover of $150 billion between them. 

Our smallest 3 clients have only 9 employees between them.  

We don’t ignore anyone. We help them thrive.

 We don’t leave anyone behind!

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