The evolution of skills and audit assessment

Go beyond a tick in a box.

Show it.  Prove it. Defend it.

Capture, store and prove your ability through a personalized VALID-8 e-portfolio. Our cutting-edge technology measures competence, compliance, and skills to a legally defensible status.

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What is VALID-8?

VALID-8 allows a learner to keep a record of their accomplishments, including applied skills and projects, to showcase to prospective employers. Plus, with it’s inbuilt user management process, it allows you to track learner progression across all disciplines. VALID-8 provides clear proof to decision makers and has been proven to reduce incidents, increase productivity, widen participation and even prevent legal damages in investigations.

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Move to an ability-based assessment model and give employers the proof of skills they want.

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Applied Skills

Proven experience and competence is valuable. Show it!

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Visible Audit

Transparent audits and compliance. Defensible and relevant.

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Legacy Protection

Protect your skills legacy as staff retire. Capture and retain key skills and knowledge. 

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Overcome Gender, Racial and Disability Bias

Imagine a solution that levels the field for everyone

Current assessment systems offer little or no transparency. But with VALID-8, you can clearly measure all the multi-dimensional attributes of a person’s capability, with nothing implied, assumed, or left to chance. This levels the field for everyone and erases any biases —  unconscious or otherwise that can contribute to racial, gender, and disability-based discrimination.

Capture Real Performance and Capability

Simple, mobile-friendly, menu-driven process

VALID-8 allow users to accurately demonstrate they have met a requirement with real and relevant content. Video, audio, images, documents, testimonies, certificates, comments and even links to social sites can be uploaded and linked to specific learning criteria. It can even identify gaps in training and generate development plans.

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Provide Proof of Skills and Competence

Improve safety and productivity

Proving you can do something, is more relevant than explaining how you can. VALID-8 users can demonstrate clear compliance and skills, applied safely and consistently.  Remove risk, eradicate doubt and provide trust and robustness in one solution.

The $8.5 Trillion Skills Deficit

By 2030, 21% of the global workforce will reach retirement. New and alternative pathways to employment in professions are needed to combat the “graying out” of the workforce. Current methods won’t fix it—they will make it worse.

But VALID-8 can help!

The VALID-8 Difference

A unique, industry-leading e-portfolio, VALID-8 by Vametric simplifies the process of certification, accreditation, and competency testing for both the candidate and the assessor. Best of all, it’s easy to use for both parties, while still offering robust features, flexibility, and scalability. It can also be tailored to the needs of your organisation.

500 Million+ Skills Criteria

Easily manage assessments, progress tracking, digital logbooks, training standards, stakeholder communication, & more with our 25,000+ competency-based modules.

Cloud-Based, Multi-Platform

Deploy VALID-8 immediately, and take advantage of a customizable tool that works for your business and policy objectives on any Windows, Mac, iOS or Android device.

AI-Powered Decision Making

Automatically link evidence from one competency area to another, and it uses machine learning to build a map of likely outcomes to assist decisions by remembering past decisions.

Video Time Index Mapping

Upload a video then click during review to show when specific performance and knowledge criteria are observable. On future views, the video will play from those time references.

Identity Management

VALID-8 provides you with legally defensible proof of both identity and competence, so you know exactly who your learners are and what they can do.

Enhanced Automation

Save time and effort by automating the assessment process. As evidence is matched to criteria, VALID-8 can cross-reference relevant criteria automatically.


Easy Development Plans

Allocate evidence to a portfolio, and let the VALID-8 create an automated development plan, complete with embedded resources, help and guidance.


Military-Grade Security

Trusted by security-conscious organisations around the world, VALID-8 is approved for military use and meets the highest security measures.

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“As well as saving money by not having to keep a large volume of paper records, courses are completed more quickly and drop-out rates have been drastically reduced. This product transformed the learning landscape for the MOD.”

~ Ministry of Defence, UK

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Used for over 15 years as our risk and skills assessment platform for Aeronautical and Nuclear Submarine Contracts”

~ Rolls Royce Defence

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“Vametric worked closely with us to show that VALID-8 can allow Mastery as a means to employment in any regulated profession, not relying on hours or exams. The bill was passed unanimously.

~ Utah State

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The product is recognised as the industry-leading tool. 100% retention and achievement is commonplace using this technology.

~ Pfizer

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“We acknowledge the uniqueness and applicability of the VALID-8 platform which was used successfully in our SWPP (Work-Placement) project.”

~ Government of Canada

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VALID-8, a patented assessment solution, that can tackle the challenges around traditional skills assessment and recognition in a new and innovative way!

~ World Economic Forum

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This was as big a breakthrough as the jet engine was to aviation, or the assembly line to the automotive sector!

~ Sir Ian Ivan Lewis,
Minister of Vocational and Skills Training UK

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This solution has shown its early adopters a significant reduction in costs, and increased effectiveness and flexibility.  Remote assessment of ability and safety is now possible!

~ Pan-Canadian Competency Frameworks