An Alternative Route to Recognition

Industry requires skills. Proof of ability as well as knowledge.

Elevate your service to the public, by providing proof to your clients, that your students have the necessary practical skills as well as theory (exams).  

VALID-8 allows a student to keep a record of their accomplishments, including applied skills and projects to showcase to prospective employers. Plus, with it’s inbuilt student management process, it allows you to track student progression across all disciplines.

With over 2.5 million completed students to date, VALID-8 is changing the sector to be a more holistic, inclusive and fairer means of validation.

Measure it, capture it and showcase it. Make the student the focus, not the process

Lake Tahoe College (US)

“The amount of people who are over skilled and under credentialed is absurd”.

“VALID-8 will allow us to enhance learner outcomes, reduce time to completion and allow learners to be more employable by industry”.

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Learner Focus

Learners today, are becoming more diverse. VALID-8 allows for any accommodation in the assessment process, while focusing on the outcome as proof of ability, not the process. 


Perhaps the single biggest global impact VALID-8 has made is in apprenticeship retention and achievement rates.  Since it was launched as the worlds first solution over 25 years ago, retention and achievement rates exceed 90% using VALID-8.

Display Real Capability

Remember those that were brilliant, but could not pass the exam?  Solved with VALID-8.

Management Solution Core

VALID-8 has a complete management core, allowing reporting on student progress, induction tracking, links to learning content, automated notifications and much more.

Competency Modeling

We have 28,000 modules in over 900 occupational areas.  Don’t start from scratch trying to develop a true competency outcome process—we might be able to give you a template to start.

Adapt To Survive

As the world changes, and students become more diverse, make sure you have the adaptability to engage and flourish.  Others are, and as barriers are being removed in social mobility, make sure you don’t get marginalized or worse, forgotten.  

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