Error Reduction • Skills Development • Cost Reduction

When Honda introduced VALID-8 It was the only tool not developed in Japan. This groundbreaking decision transformed their production line forever.

Production Line Perfection

​As one of the world’s largest automakers, Honda’s risk tolerance for production errors is low as the consequences are high.

Before VALID-8, Honda conducted error-proofing with paper and pen — hardly ideal for Honda’s fast-moving production line.

In such an environment, problems need to be identified and remedied quickly. That’s where VALID-8 comes in.

Japanese automakers have been at the forefront of major innovations in efficiency.


VALID-8 drove Honda to Error-Free Production.


Reduction in time to identify line errors


Employees using VALID-8 who earned national certifications


Reduction in travel-related management costs


Time to achieve all training and production line successes.

Skills Assessment with VALID-8 perfected Honda’s production line and eliminated all associated costs.