High Quality Care • Massive Efficiencies • Workforce Expansion

Before VALID-8 was introduced in the United Kingdom, the health system that was overwhelmed, overworked, and in poor shape. VALID-8 breathed new life into the NHS.

Taking Care of the Care Sector

​For a new care worker to fill in a labourgap, upwards of 24 months would be required for that worker to get the training they needed and the vocational experience to be productive.

In that amount of time, numerous burnouts, overwhelms, and medical leaves could send an entire medical system into a tailspin, eventually causing massive gaps in quality. And that’s exactly what was happening all over the United Kingdom’s health system.

Now, with VALID-8 students can earn while they learn, and are completing their skills development training within just six months, at a higher achievement level than ever before.

Faced with shortages and ballooning costs, a group of UK organizations aim to transform the care sector.


VALID-8 had the NHS operating at peak performance..


Annual savings related to assessment and waste reduction.


Percentage of practitioners likely to recommend VALID-8.


Improvement in performance and skill over competing solutions.


Reduction in time it took to train and assess new workers.

“[VALID-8] has enabled us to bring NVQ’s into the 21st Century.”
~Jo Shores, Senior Training and Development Officer