Legally Defensible Learning For Good

When dozens of students failed their state board certification exams, VALID-8 was there to support underrepresented learners and protect their careers.

Skills for All Learners

Traditional models of assessment are discriminatory. This well-studied fact often goes unnoticed, with limited recourse for learners that suffer through high stakes exams and tests.

In 2021, hundreds of learners used VALID-8 to reflect and demonstrate competency. Leveraging VALID-8’s ISO standard of competency not only supported their learning, it saved careers.

Dozens of these students failed their state board exam, and every single student had their failed test exams overturned. The Kicker: 100% of these students were newcomers.

You won’t discriminate when you use VALID-8.

Keeping a VALID-8 video portfolio enabled reflection and created evidence of contextual learner ability.


It also created a legally defensible outcome.


Learners who kept a VALID-8 portfolio
alongside their learning


Successful appeals against failed state board exams


States where “Mastery” is a means of demonstrating competency

VALID-8 removes discrimination from assessment, enables skilled professionals to build their careers, and creates learning pathways for all learner types.