Audits, Compliance, and Regulation

Beyond a tick in a box…


One of the most robust, efficient solutions we have come across. In all our years of Audits, we actually completed ahead of time, which was unprecedented in this sector.

LSC (Gov Funded Audit)

The conclusion of the audit, was that if this system was applied to the whole college sector (UK), it would save $1 billion in waste and red tape. In fact, it has changed the way we view compliance.

24/7 Partnered Support Model

With a self assessment and formal assessment capability, it allows organizations and auditors to work throughout the year, holistically and seamlessly to ensure compliance.

A man points to a set of hexagonal tiles featuring business-related icons. One of the tiles says "audit".
Two people sit at a table, going over documents.

Audits without fear

As you scroll through the requirements, linking video, audio, documents and images to the outcomes, in real time and with assisted Gap plan creation.  Take the fear from an audit and embrace the new “partnered” model on compliance.  Spread the load over the year, feel supportive, feel engaged, but above all don’t feel threatened anymore.  

Support an inclusive model, not a fearful one.

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